Pneumatically actuated fire suppression systems, also referred to as PAFSS, are self-contained suppression systems which require no electrical source for operation, and are suited for a variety of different sized hazard areas. They are ideally suited as a fire suppression system in laboratory fume cupboards, in addition to control cabinets, machinery, chemical stores and other high risk fire areas.

PAFSS sample range

PAFSS sample range

Pneumatically actuated fire suppression systems are suited for a variety of locations and uses, it can be filled with the extinguishing agent most suited to the fire risk, including powder, Co2, water, foam and other specialist agents.

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Direct PAFSS systems

The suppression agent is dispensed via a special tubing, which also acts as the heat and flame detector. When a fire breaks out, the tubing ruptures at the hot spot, and by depressurisation of the tubing, the cylinder valve is activated, thereby operating the extinguishing system. This system is used for small enclosed hazard areas.

In-direct PAFSS systems

For larger enclosed and open hazard areas, the in-direct system is used. The detection tubing still acts as the detection device for depressurisation and operating of the system, but the extinguishing agent is dispensed via metal pipework and targeted nozzles which are aimed at the hazard area.


Additional information

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PAFSS Abbot Fire Group information sheet p1 – general information

PAFSS Abbot Fire Group information sheet p2 – Direct and In-direct systems

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