Fire Alarms

Abbot Fire Group have BAFE SP203-1 accreditation for fire alarm design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Therefore you have peace of mind, and a competent company for your fire alarm needs. Whether you need a new system, or maintenance of an existing system, just get in touch.

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order is the legislation for fire safety in the UK. Failing to comply with the requirements could mean you’re breaking the law.

The Regulatory Reform Order requires that you ensure your fire alarm system is maintained to ensure it is in good working order and in a state of good repair.

Whatever your business we can help keep you safe and compliant, and potentially save you money. With clients throughout London and the Home Counties, including businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels, care homes, factories, education facilities, car show facilities, and office spaces, we can help you.

There are a choice of fire alarm systems available to you, depending upon your premises, type of business, and fire risk. Whether the system is hard wired into the building, an open or closed protocol, or even a wireless fire alarm system. Abbot Fire Group only provide fire alarm systems with a proven track record. If you’re looking to upgrade or replace an existing system, we can do this too.

Fire alarm installation

Your fire risk assessment may have highlighted a need for a particular system; or a certain design and layout may be a requirement as stipulated by your insurance company.

Fire alarms are identified by two categories: P and L. With P being those specifically designed to protect property; and L being those designed for the protection of life. Those with L designation are designed to provide an early warning system giving people time to evacuate a building in the event of a fire.

Abbot Fire Group can also offer the added benefit of a full online asset and document management portal enabling you to keep up-to-date and identify your fire safety assets.

Alarm maintenance

As you would expect Abbot Fire Group also provide on-going servicing and fire alarm maintenance agreements, giving you peace of mind.

In order to meet current fire safety legislation, fire alarms are required to have a weekly test. This weekly test must be recorded in your fire safety log book. If you experience any issues, or error messages with your weekly test, then you must call your servicing company immediately to address these issues.

Fire alarm monitoring

Your fire alarm can be monitored remotely 24/7, or just when your business premises is closed. This provides you with peace of mind that your premises are protected from a potential fire. Just ask for details.

Wireless alarm systems

These are a natural choice for many as minimal disruption is required to install them. Wireless fire alarm systems are ideal in premises where people are in constant attendance; in property conversions, and listed buildings.

Abbot Fire Group provide fire alarms services: design, installation, commissioning and maintenance across the UK, simply call 01280 824111 for further details.

Download the Abbot Fire Group fire alarms leaflet.