Fire Suppression

There are three main types of fire suppression system: gaseous, foam, and Firetrace which is often required to protect a specific area from the risk of fire. A Firetrace system can use foam, Co2, a mixture of these, or other fire extinguishing agents.

A gaseous suppression system is generally used in server rooms, whereas a foam fire suppression system tends to be required for chemical labs, and other specialist areas.

Firetrace fire suppression

Abbot Fire Group are distributors of the Firetrace fire suppression system. Firetrace is a world leader special hazard fire protection, providing both in cabinet and machine level fire suppression and protection for high value and/or mission critical machinery and equipment. The system can also provide an engineered solution for the protection of large rooms.

Firetrace can be interlinked with any fire alarm system in the market place, so not only extinguishing the fire before it takes hold, but also alerting everyone to its activation.

Firetrace is the fire suppression solution for many areas including:

  • Cloud servers
  • Rack mount servers
  • Food processing plants
  • Wind turbines
  • Data centres
  • Airports
  • Textile mills
  • Paper mills
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Transit & bus vehicles
  • Farm equipment
  • Timber & forestry machinery

Suppression system servicing

Abbot Fire Group, through third party accredited and fully compliant companies, can also service and maintain your existing fire suppression system. Systems supported include:

  • HFC227ea (FM200) Chemical fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • Novec 1230 Chemical fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • IG 55/541/100/01 Inert fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • CO2 Fixed fire extinguishing systems
  • Over pressure relief venting

Integrity testing

The integrity of the environment in which your fire suppression system is placed may also need to be tested. This can include thoroughly testing the room or enclosure to ensure that it is airtight. This will involve ensuring the environment is capable of containing a concentration of extinguishing agent, which is required to suppress any fire. Any holes or compromises in the integrity of the area would allow the agent to diminish, reducing its fire-fighting capabilities hence the requirement for the area to be airtight.

Abbot Fire Group provide fire suppression system installation and servicing across the mainland UK. Just get in touch.