Emergency Lighting

Emergency exit lights are required for highlighting the escape routes in the event of a power failure. Abbot Fire Group are specialists in emergency light installation and emergency lighting maintenance. There are two types of emergency exit lighting: maintained and non-maintained. Emergency lighting is a legal requirement, and is required to meet BS5266-1. It covers different areas within your building.

Maintained systems

Maintained lighting is the type of lighting which remains on permanently. It has dual purpose as standard lighting, but will still provide illumination in the event of a power failure. Generally used in public places this emergency lighting is suitable for shopping centres, theatres, and cinemas.

Non-maintained systems

This emergency exit lighting is the type of lighting that operates when there is a power failure. It is linked to a building’s light circuits and reacts to any power failure by ensuring emergency exit routes are illuminated. Mon-maintained systems are often used in workplaces, offices and factories to highlight the emergency evacuation route, which are routes that people should be generally familiar with.

Emergency lighting servicing

It is a legal requirement to have your emergency exit lighting serviced annually Abbot Fire Group can undertake this annual servicing for you.

If you need assistance with your bespoke emergency exit lights installation or advice on the design of the system, we can help here too. Experienced in the installation and maintenance of emergency lighting exit systems, you can relax knowing you’re in safe hands.

Whatever your emergency lighting requirements, just call 01280 824111 or email.

View the Abbot Fire Group emergency lighting leaflet.