Fire Safety Training

It’s not only important, but also a legal requirement, that your employees know how to spot a fire risk and what to do in the event of a fire. With two types of fire safety training available, including practical fire extinguisher training, you can ensure your staff are aware of the signs of fire risk and are trained in what to do in the event of a fire.

Abbot Fire Group offers the following fire awareness and safety training courses:

  • Basic fire safety training
  • Fire Warden training
  • Bespoke fire safety training

Basic fire safety training

This type of training is a must for most businesses; up to 20 employees can be accommodated per session.

This basic fire safety training consists of an introductory talk, with advice on how to spot fire risk and avert unnecessary fires. This is achieved by emphasising staff understanding of safety and fire risks. Fire awareness, and the measures that can be taken to help avoid and prevent fires from starting are also covered. There is a presentation, in addition to question and answer sessions to ensure delegates get the most from the training. The fire safety triangle is also discussed to provide delegates with the understanding of how fires are fuelled.

This training session also includes familiarisation with the different types of fire extinguisher and what types of fire they are used for. It can also include practical hands-on extinguisher training (depending upon the physical location).

The session lasts approx. 1.5 hours; certificates of attendance are awarded.

Fire Warden course

This fire warden training session is specifically for those nominated with fire warden responsibilities. The session covers all the items within the basic fire training, with additional focus and information on the very specific role and responsibilities of the fire warden. The interactive session covers the day-to-day role of the fire warden. This includes assessing fire risk, checking final exit doors, placement of extinguishers etc; in addition to the fire warden’s specific duties should the fire alarm sound.

The fire warden training also includes the practical element of using an extinguisher (subject to suitable physical location). This provides hands-on experience and practical tips for the safe use of a fire extinguisher, in addition to observing how the extinguishers actually put out the fire.

Up to 20 attendees can be accommodated, and the session lasts approx. 2 hours; certificates of attendance are awarded.

Bespoke training

These comprehensive sessions are bespoke for your organisation and are delivered in conjunction with your evacuation plans and procedures. They also provide the hands-on experience of operating a fire extinguisher in a controlled environment. This type of training is ideal for larger buildings, i.e. hospitals, care homes, schools, and universities.

Smaller training groups

It can sometimes be easier to have fire safety training for employees undertaken away from their place of work to avoid distractions and disturbance. If you’re a small company, with just a few employees, you might not have the space for training to be conducted at your premises. We are able to accommodate up to 10 delegates at Abbot Fire Group’s offices in Buckingham, near Milton Keynes. The session includes the theoretical aspect of fire safety training, and the opportunity to have hands on experience of using a fire extinguisher in a controlled environment. Simply give us a call for further details.

Be aware

If you require extinguisher training, and want to ensure all your staff are aware of safety and fire risks, just call 01280 824111, or contact us.