Periodic electrical inspection

The Electricity at Work Regulations stipulate that all fixed electrical items within a commercial building are required to have an electrical inspection and testing every 5 years. These tests are often referred to as a Periodic electrical inspection, or Fixed electrical testing.

As the name suggests, this type of testing refers to electrical items that are fixed and permanent within your business premises. This includes plug sockets, lights, extractor fans etc. The process for a periodic electrical inspection involves a visual inspection, followed by specialist electrical testing procedures.

Annual periodic electrical inspections

It is good practice to ensure all electrical circuits are tested annually within the building. This can highlight any possible hazards, which can then be rectified, helping to avoid any potential dangers.

Qualified electrician

Abbot Fire Group’s specialist qualified technician can undertake your electrical inspection when required. You’ll have peace of mind that your fixed electrical items have been checked and tested.

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