Kitchen Fire Suppression

Abbot Fire Group are authorised Ansul distributors, and have been designing, supplying, installing and servicing Ansul kitchen fire suppression systems for 10 years.

A kitchen fire suppression system is a crucial piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen. It can respond automatically within seconds should a fire break out. Kitchen fire suppression systems are perfectly suited for hotel kitchens, restaurants and fast food outlets, and can often be an insurance company requirement.

The Ansul R-102 kitchen fire suppression system is bespoke to suit your particular range of kitchen appliances, regardless of your kitchen size and layout. The Ansul system can also be operated manually via the manual pull station. This can alert the rest of the building via the fire alarm to start evacuation.

The tailor-made system can provide overlapping protection, or be appliance specific. The kitchen fire suppression system protects a range of appliances, such as deep fat fryers, brat pans and grills. Henny Penny mono rail and dual lid-lift system pressure fryers often require very specialised installation; with the nozzles plumbed directly into the appliance, such as the Henny Penny 582. Whatever kitchen appliances you may be using, Abbot Fire Group has the experience and expertise to ensure you have the protection you need.

Maintaining and servicing your system

The video demonstrates the regular cleaning required for your Ansul kitchen fire suppression system. Monthly checks ensure the system provides protection, and can be relied upon to operate correctly in the event of a fire.

Abbot Fire Group’s qualified and experienced trained technicians will carry out the required six monthly servicing of your kitchen fire suppression system.

24 hour protection

The Ansul system gives you protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and therefore protects your premises even when they aren’t manned. This type of protection can often be an insurance company requirement, which may lead to a reduction in premiums. The Ansul system is approved to Loss Prevention Standard 1223 (LPS 1223) and UL300.

Simple clean up

In the event of a fire, the kitchen fire suppression system will discharge automatically, and the clean-up from this is effortless. The Ansulex suppressant agent in the Ansul system is also equipment friendly which helps ensure you can start operating again quickly, avoiding prolonged periods of closure.

Abbot Fire Group provides kitchen fire suppression system design, installation and servicing across the UK, call 01280 824111.