Dry riser terms and conditions

Abbot Fire Group Ltd

Whereas the company has agreed with the customer to inspect the Fire Equipment on the terms herein contained:

  1. To provide a periodic inspection on the Fire Appliances at the customers agreed premises in accordance with the current British Standards, reasonable facilities being provided for the companies service engineers to carry out their duties.
  2. Service frequency to be an approximate period of 12 months or earlier if called to do so. Every effort is made to ensure the Company adheres to regular service intervals, but it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we are informed of any due service arrangements.
  3. On each service the dry risers shall be examined and a report given on their condition. To ensure conformity to BS 9990. 2006, minor repairs replacing of washers, straps, padlocks, signs will be completed at the time of service. Any significant defects affecting the safe use of the firefighting equipment or hydrants will be reported for permission to proceed before being made good or replaced. The labour cost of any repairs and components required shall be charged separately. The customer agrees that the method employed in repairing or making good shall, be decided by the company.
  4. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the relevant Fire Authorities internal, external and effected personnel of any operational defects.
  5. Interim call outs shall be charged additionally at the stated fees and hourly rates. Parts and refills may be charged additionally.
  6. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to ensure ongoing serviceability of the Fire equipment by regular checks as per the British Standard BS9999: 2008 is a specific term that no liability for any failure of the Fire Appliances, damage or injury either directly or indirectly will be accepted.
  7. The customer shall inform the company of any event or problem which could be detrimental to the normal operation of the appliances I.E if used damaged, or lost.
  8. Testing may require hose lengths to be run from hydrants, the customer may be required to provide assistance to manage traffic or persons.
  9. The Company will make every endeavour to find all landing and air valves, but due to the nature of larger buildings and compartmented areas with access problems, we cannot guarantee they will all be found. Return visits to site will be charged additionally plus a call out charge.
  10. The Customer will provide every assistance with access keys, passes or codes. Time lost or site revisits due to delays with access may be charged additionally to the quoted rate at our normal labour rates.
  11. The Company must be informed of any changes of the “responsible person” or ownership of the Fire Appliances.
  12. This Contract is transferable.
  13. At our discretion third party companies may be engaged at any time to fulfill contractual obligations, additional work or call outs.
  14. The Company reserves the right to amend the service charges at its discretion.
  15. It is a standard term of service that payment will be made upon completion or by Direct Debit usually at the end of the month after service.
  16. Overdue accounts will incur a service charge of £7 per month. Any internal administration time and costs or outside agency fees incurred in recovering overdue amounts associated against this invoice will be added to the invoice total.
  17. Retention to title: All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.
  18. The term of this contract shall be for a minimum period of three years and thereafter ongoing until either party terminates the agreement in writing not less than two months before the next due service date.