Fiery free offer for bonfire night

Buckingham based Abbot Fire Group is delighted to once again be offering free fire extinguisher hire for local community, charity, or not-for-profit bonfire or firework events. The company is offering 24 fire extinguishers for hire to the first callers to ring Abbot Fire Group on 01280 824111, just mentioning this offer.

The offer is open to those locally organising a bona fide not-for-profit or community neighbourhood bonfire or firework event. Abbot Fire Group will discuss the event with the organiser, including the likely number of attendees, and ensure the fire safety requirements are covered by a suitable number of extinguishers on the night, up to a maximum of 8 fire extinguishers per event.

Nigel Walton, Director at Abbot Fire Group said: “This is the eleventh year we have run this initiative to help keep the local community safe on bonfire night. Safety is an important part of any firework or bonfire event for both the organisers and the attendees. One year one of the extinguishers had to be used to extinguisher a rogue firework, which demonstrates why we run this offer. We want the local community to enjoy the events safely.”

Abbot Fire Group are based in Buckingham and can be contacted on 01280 824111, or visit