LPCB approval for LPS 1531 Appendix 1

Abbot Fire Group are delighted to have been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board, LPCB, for LPS 1531 Appendix 1; the installation and application of passive fire protection products.

This approval follows a rigorous assessment process. During this process LPCB reviewed products, projects, and documentation relating to Abbot Fire Group’s installation and application of passive fire protection products. A review of a number of on-site installations was also completed.Abbot Fire Group LPCB approval certificate passive fire protection

LPS 1531 Appendix 1 from the LPCB gives third party approval, and reassurance to clients that passive fire protection work has been undertaken by a competent company.

Passive fire protection is the process of protecting a business from the risk and spread of fire by ensuring the premises fire compartmentation integrity is maintained.

Business premises are likely to be built or divided into separate fire compartments. Whether this is offices, storage rooms, server rooms, or a combination of these. Should a fire break out, each of these fire compartments within the building are designed to contain the fire within that area. They are also designed to slow the spread of the fire.

Issues can occur when there are holes or breaches in the fabric of the building fire compartments, resulting in that area being compromised. This may include holes due to cabling or pipework; gaps above a false ceiling; voids in riser cupboards; or damage due to building work.

Abbot Fire Group’s competently trained technicians are able to reinstate the integrity of the compromised area, and carry out the remedial action required.  A Certificate of Conformity detailing the penetrations that have been fireproofed, the products used, and product approval number will be provided upon completion of the work.

For further information on passive fire stopping visit: passive-fire-protection or call Abbot Fire Group on 01280 824111.