Electrical fire safety week 2019

As Electrical Fire Safety Week is upon us for another year, it’s a good time to share some top tips to help keep you safe from the risk of electrical fire.  Good advice to last all year round:

  1. Don’t charge laptops and mobile phones on flammable materials e.g. beds or cushions. When charging, ensure they are on a suitable flat surface, and don’t charge overnight.
  2. Don’t overload plug sockets, and check cables regularly to ensure they are not worn, frayed or damaged. Replace them if necessary.
  3. Turn off all sockets and unplug items when not in use (except items which are designed to be left on e.g. fridges and freezers).
  4. Buy genuine chargers which have to comply with safety standards, fake ones can be unsafe.
  5. Do you know your fire extinguisher classifications? For an electrical fire a CO2 fire extinguisher is suitable.