Student fire safety week

Student sat round table eating takeaway pizzaMany of the messages during Student Fire Safety Week are relevant whether you’re a student, live in a house share, or with your family. Here are our top tips for keeping safe from the risk of fire:

Don’t charge laptops and mobile phones on flammable materials e.g. beds or cushions. When charging, ensure they are on a suitable flat surface, and don’t charge overnight.

If you smoke, always use an ash tray, and ensure your cigarette is extinguished. NEVER smoke in bed.

When cooking, NEVER leave the pan unattended. Remember to turn the hob off when you’ve finished.

Do you know your escape plan? Familiarise yourself with your surroundings, and ensure you know a safe way out.

If you’ve been drinking alcohol, don’t cook. Have a takeaway instead.

Test your smoke alarms once a week, just press the button and listen for the beep; then you know they’re working.  Working smoke alarms save lives.

For other fire safety tips throughout the year, follow Abbot Fire Group on social media, you’ll find the links below.