Fire door safety week

It’s fire door safety week, so to help ensure your fire safety doors are able to function properly, here are five top tips:

  1. Ensure your fire safety doors are free from obstacles, both inside and outside of your building or offices
  2. Check automatic closing fire doors are working properly when you undertake your weekly fire alarm test
  3. NEVER prop a fire door open with a fire extinguisher or other object. Automatic closures can be fitted to fire doors if required. Then you know that the fire door will do its job in the event of a fire
  4. Check the outside of your fire exit doors for objects and plants or weeds which could obstruct it from opening, clear immediately
  5. Check that your fire doors fit together properly, there are no gaps, and no damaged hinges. Fire doors are designed to form a seal when shut to help stop smoke spreading

If your fire safety door is damaged or has missing parts, this needs to be rectified immediately. If you need assistance, just call 01280 824111.